JANSSEN Cosmetics

Recognized leading brand on the market of professional cosmetics is distinct for its high products efficiency, genuine German quality, the widest product range for face and body, SPA and wellness therapies. The story of JANSSEN Cosmetics begins in an ancient resort city Aachen in the West of Germany. It is the very place where the borders of Germany, Belgium and Netherlands are crossed and which was beloved by Romans for the warmth of thermal springs. Specifically, here Walter Janssen together with famous biochemist, doctor Ronald Zacher laid the foundation for the concept of JANSSEN Cosmetics. In 1997, having united couple of their most famous developments, the company has launched its first line “Secrets of Beauty” which broke into the market of professional cosmetics with a stunning success and helped the brand to gain prominence in USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand and Emirates in no time. At present JANSSEN is trusted by cosmetologists and their clients in 70 world countries. JANSSEN products are classified as “cosmeceuticals”. This concept unites the terms “cosmetics” and “pharmaceutics”. Thereby the company is underlining scientifically proven chemical compound of each product in which the natural properties of herbal and marine extracts are strengthened with the newest biotechnical developments. Active components of the products are working in synergy and provide soft but also efficient effect on skin. The products are able to solve the most difficult aesthetic problems such as premature aging, acne, couperose, hypersensitivity. Every time JANSSEN cosmeceuticals leads to result that it has promised.

What is the secret of popularity? Firstly, JANSSEN – is a sympathy from the first touch, romantic union of cosmetics and skin, eternal love. Like a loyal partner, JANSSEN is gently taking care of the skin, protects it and immediately reacts to its’ desires: moisturizes, soothes irritation, nurtures with all the essential substances. These cosmetics becomes an organic part of our lives as a permanent companion. While travelling, at home, in the cosmetologist’s office – diversified JANSSEN products are a perfect fit for any situation thanks to the highest effectiveness, guaranteed safety and pleasant utility. Moreover, JANSSEN is tender noble textures instantly giving your skin the feeling of comfort and soft unobtrusive fragrances adding the treatment some special charm. Cosmetics lines are being constantly renewed and expanded while always remaining on the top of world’s cosmetic fashion.