La Biosthetique Paris


Brand La Biosthetique Paris is known as a creator of exclusive production of lux class. We use only natural high-value components and guarantee absolute safety of all our production. Thanks to continuous serious scientific research our cosmetics distinguishes itself by the virtue of the quality and high effectiveness. In the process of service development we collaborate also with hairdressers from La Biosthetique salons, hence our experts ensure the highest service quality to their clients.


La Biosthetique Paris company offers a wide range of products for face and body skin, for hair and head skin, for coloring and styling. Only the best active components are engaged in formulas and they help biostetists – beauty experts of La Biosthetique – to find a perfect approach to solving each client’s problems. After series of diagnostic tests, the specialist will select products that will satisfy specifically Your needs and desires. All the production is tested in laboratories fully equipped with the latest technologywithout animals being involved.



La Biosthetique salons provide superior service all over the world while hairdressers-stylists working in there are considered to be masters in their field. La Biosthetique concept is genuinely unique. In the salons of Pforzheim, Paris, Verona, Madrid, Vienna, Hamburg and Berlin special courses are held with the following certificate award. Every day our specialists prove over and over again that they deserve to represent La Biosthetique brand. We are offering luxury. Visit La Biosthetique salons in Munich, Hamburg, Madrid or Vienna and see yourself.


The founder

More than half of the century ago the French biochemist Marseille Contier founded the brand La Biosthetique. In his laboratory in Paris he started working on production that was based exclusively on natural components. However, Contier was not just a scientist. He had an overall vision of an artist. After all, also the hairdresser doesn’t have to simply cut hair, he has to think through and create the whole image.




From the very moment of its foundation, La Biosthetique company has been a family business. Priorities of the brand: thinking outside of the box in the process of image creation, responsibility to the clients and employees. As it was for the father-founder of La Biosthetique, Marseille Cortier, it is for the current concern’s owner, Siegfried Weizer, that the most important is careful attitude towards natural resources. La Biosthetique takes part in numerous social projects. In 2006 headquarters of La Biosthetique took their place near the Arch of Triumph in Paris – world center of fashion and high art. Another important office is located in Pforzheim with around 250 employees. It is here that the ideas for La Biosthetique images and concepts for hair and head skin care are born. La Biosthetique is closely collaborating with various subsidiaries in Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Great Britain, France, Asia, Eastern Europe, Russia and Canada. More than 500 employees are involved all over the world.